# of Calls
FF Larry Lampe
FF Justin Lynch
FF John Langwell
Lt. Rick Fletcher
FF Robby Jernigan
B.C. Joe Jeeter
Chief Michael Taylor
Lt. George Bissell
FF Trent Mall
FF Chris Runyan
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Welcome to the Marshfield Fire Department Web Page. Marshfield Fire
Department is located approximately 22 miles east of Springfield
Missouri in the rolling hills of the Ozarks. The Marshfield Fire
Department is actually two departments in one, a fire protection district
and a municipal fire department. The fire department utilizes the same
operating guidelines and personnel but may use different apparatus
depending on the location of the incident. The department is all volunteer
with the exception of the Chief’s position funded by the city and a
maintenance position funded by the district.
Both the municipal department and district are funded by a tax base and
provide fire suppression, rescue, haz-mat, fire prevention, public
education, and non-transport emergency medical services. The
department also has a very active auxiliary unit that provides much
needed support services. Finally the department also sponsors and
nationally accredited cadet program for members between the ages of
14 and 18.
We are always looking for new members who want to serve their
community through volunteerism.  Volunteer positions can range from
fire suppression, emergency medical services, auxiliary services, cadet
program, and administrative support. We thank you for visiting us and
hope to see you again.